Piggy Bank Foundation

People think if they don’t have a lot to give that they can’t make a difference, but it’s time to inspire people to change their way of thinking.  The Piggy Bank Foundation was created to remind people that giving one penny at a time eventually leads to helping inspire change. One step, one smile, one minute of your time; long enough to step out of yourself to realize there is a world around us that needs our love.

Some of the greatest ways to give are not with money or materialistic items,but with unconditional love and support. So our company has made a conscious choice to not only stand behind as many charities, foundations and non profit organizations as possible, but to also stand amongst and beside some individuals or situations that need a helping hand.

I ask you, think about the hardest time you ever went through and think about that one person that was there for you through it all. Now imagine how hard it would have been to not have that one person. There are hundreds and thousands of people who go through some of the hardest times in life with no one to stand by their side. So let me remind you, please take the time to be somebody’s someone. Take the time to not only listen to what someone says when they speak, but to hear what they are really saying. Take the time to step out side of yourself long enough to see that a rich heart hurts the same as a poor heart broken and that we are all human beings. And maybe, just maybe God created us all with one wing, to remind us that without someone else we can not fly. That is why our Piggy Bank was branded two angels with one set of wings. Let us join together to fly to greater heights and help inspire others to do the same that one penny at a time, we may inspire change in the world.

We will post upcoming events that we are apart of, explaining what they are for and why we are supporting them. We will list the times, dates and details so that anyone who wants to be apart of our efforts can stand with us in unity. Each event will also be documented and posted for all to enjoy reading and seeing the pictures of hope, courage and change.

“Alone I stand as one single penny but together we add up to millions and can impact the lives of many!” –Heather Shrake


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