While driving in Hollywood, our owner Heather Shrake passed by the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Hollywood and noticed the mural painted on the side of building had been tagged with graffiti. So she pulled over went inside and asked if she could raise the money for the paints and that she would donate her time to repaint the mural herself. 

After consideration, they Okayed the project and she began. She wanted the kids of this club to have a place they could not only go to keep them off the streets and out of trouble but a place that when they saw it they could be proud of it.

People from the community began to come by each day to see the progress and the kids arriving at the after school programs would yell with excitement as they watched the mural come to completion! An older gentleman of the community came by each day to watch and on the last day asked if he could paint a few butterflies on the mural, as they were his favorite thing to paint and he wanted to be apart of the project. She enjoyed having everyone feel like they were apart of something beautiful that was going to shine light on a community full of amazing children.

She was planning on having the children put their hands in paint, so they could put their own hand prints on the mural as the leaves on the tree of life, but due to insurance issues this was not possible. We also had pizzas and sandwich’s donated by Johnnie’s Pizza for all the kids.


After paying for paints and supplies with donations she raised, she had money left over and was able to cut a check for whatever the Boy’s and Girl’s Club needed.


A special thanks for donations from Ben Shrake, Karla Shrake, Bud Shrake, Dawna de la Fuente, Eurydice Davis, Syrus Yarbrough, Sid & Izzy, Olga Marqez, Ali True, Mary Beth Bartlett, Barry Sacks, Johnnie’s Pizza, Christine Carlo and Heather Shrake.

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