Shrake Culture wanted to do something extra special to say thank you to the women serving our country at Fort Hood in Texas. We wanted to honor the woman for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make on a daily basis. Some being mothers that have to forgo getting to see their children every day, other’s longing to be mothers but have to wait until their term ends. For such a selfless surrender of personal desires, our hearts go out to them, full of compassion and gratefulness for all they’ve given up to help ensure the safety of our country.

We put the word out there that we were going to set up a special trip to fly out to Fort Hood for Mother’s Day to pass out every day items, specialty goods and brand new clothing to the ladies. And one of our favorite stores LF without hesitation stepped up to the plate to help make this trip a success. LF sent a VERY LARGE box with hundreds of pieces of clothing representing the latest trends from here to Europe. We are so thankful to LF for being such a large part of this special occasion.

Shrake Culture donated clothing, stationary, custom jewelry and every day items. Unfortunately do to security reasons we were unable to photograph the actual passing out of the items to the ladies. But we also want to say a special thank you to solider Ezra Suko and Nancy Elenz III Corps & Ft. Hood PAO for helping us set up this exchange.

Shrake Culture has set up contact and is now supporting our troops regularly. We can send care packages to the troops or the Blue Star Mothers (moms whose children are fighting in the war) or Gold Star Mothers (moms who have lost their children in the war) If you would like to send something you can email us directly for more information and we would be happy to send your stuff to support the troops on your behalf. We will do regular care packages, in which case you can send the stuff to us and we will package it accordingly to ensure it gets on the military base. Things that the soldiers ask for are things like notebooks, pens, toilet paper, wet wipes, calling cards (you can get these at the 99cent store – its 99cents for 99 minutes) chap stick, sunscreen, tooth paste, and they all love getting letters of encouragement. Of course things like beef jerky, fresh baked cookies, and granola bars go along way as well!

Even if you feel you’ve nothing to give, please understand that simply by taking the time when you see a soldier in uniform whether at the airport or the super market, to say hello and thank them for their service, is still a form of giving. A little appreciation and verbal support goes along way. For those of us that have not served, we can not imagine how great the sacrifice is that they make on a daily basis. I think Nancy Suko, mother of two soldiers currently serving our country said it best when she said, “Think of the great price that has been paid for our freedom—freedom truly isn’t free.” So to our soldiers, we salute you!

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