It’s hot out side and while everyone loves that golden bronze tan, no body likes to get burnt. So what’s hot aside from the temperature? Wearing sunscreen, so you can keep that youthful look well into your 70’s. What’s not hot? Premature aging from too much sun exposure to look good ONLY for the now! A healthy alternative to too much sun is spray tan, tinted lotions or wearing a sunscreen with a low SPF. You’ll still get color without the burn. Powder bronzer’s are great for facial applications.  Now that we have your base covered, lets talk about fashion…

Fashion this summer is the perfect blend of sexy and comfort with a ‘just threw it together – gypsy twist.’ Long airy-flowy skirts paired with a tank top and flats can work great for beaching it or dressing it up for a warm evening out for dinner on the town. If long is not your thing, there are plenty of cut off jean shorts and skirts to dive into, ranging in colors and lengths. What’s Hot? Is finding a fit that works with your body type. What’s not hot? Is wearing what’s ‘in’ even when it is not flattering on you. Remember there are SOOO many options to choose from, when you find something that is flattering and makes you look good… You will also feel good! And feeling good SHOULD be most important! For the femme gals out there this season is adorned with lots of floral patterns, sheer sailor stripes in bright colors with a lingering hint of Aztec. If your outfit is mix-matched in prints, most likely you are pulling off the season’s trend by perfecting the ‘Gypsy twist.’

Accessory must have’s this season include anything that says something about your personality, so choose UNIQUE items to express yourself.

Bracelets make a big splash this summer, as anything goes. The more layered your look the better and after all mix-matched is just what the season ordered so mix away with gold, silver, leather, yarns, etc.

Rings are taking a more subtle approach in size than the past seasons, but still making a way of there own. While smaller, they are offering a more unique look, which have become fantastic summer party conversation pieces. Earrings, the bigger the better…Feather earrings are still big this season. Along with VERY long singles offering a playful Gypsy feel.


Upper metal armbands, forearm bangles, ear cuffs, nose rings…all of these play a part in completing this seasons look, so get creative! Hats are great but when choosing one, find one that looks like it’s already been your fav for years! Or buy a brand new one and rough it up a bit.

Shoes range from ballet flats, sandals, ankle sandals, gladiator sandals, metallic flip flops,  to wedges. What’s hot? Wearing a killer pair of shoes that properly fit the occasion. What’s not hot? Wearing shoes that end up wearing you!  (aka your feet hurting)

What’s hot is staying warm this season while finding ways to sport the latest trends. What’s NOT hot is freezing just to look good! Clothing is a mixture of dark fall colors, with a touch of naturals. Think Navajo with a young trendy twist, subtle amounts of fur, leather and suede. Chain on necklaces are being traded in for leather or suede cording. If chains are being used they are going from silver and gold to oxidized metals, offering a vintage and worn look. Any type of random vintage charms are still a must have and are great for layering pieces. Large unique rings are still making a statement! Hats are floppy and worn out, the idea is to have a hat that looks like you’ve had it for years and add a new touch to it, something subtle and simple. Fun scarves, funky arm warmers or neck warmers are a great addition to fall fashion. Fingerless gloves with a lot of attitude and spice are always nice.

If you’re going to buy something trendy, find a way to make it your own. Boots, boots and more boots are always a must have for fall. Rider boots, simple distressed leather boots that are knee high or mid calve are great for creating that hot off the runway look, without trying! Some are still sporting the military boots and those work great, with all sorts of fun leggings layered with thigh high socks, layered on knee high socks and or leg warmers.

This season is about layering in the same color palettes to offer a very rich look. Most importantly have fun with what you are wearing and remember never let what you are wearing, wear you! That means have fun expressing yourself in your clothing and accessories, but wear things you are comfortable wearing. It is then you will look and feel your best, besides you never know when you’ll start your own trend!

What’s hot for Christmas is giving unique gifts… What’s NOT hot is spending a fortune to do it! Be creative this year; make all your gifts. Find little things to do or make that would really mean something to the person you are giving too. It’s the things that mean something that leave the lasting impression. Credit card debt and spending all your savings to say what someone means to you is NOT hot and simply a silly and misguided way of giving. So take a little extra time and speak from the heart this Christmas and keep your savings where it belongs and your credit cards in your wallets!