What a Steal! 

Just because the winter months are approaching, doesn’t mean that those in Florida have to succumbed to wearing over-sized, loosely-fitting down comforters each and everyday! Luckily, short sleeve shirts, mini-dresses and skirts are acceptable almost all year long. The advantage for us Florida girls lies within our ability to shop end of the season blow out sales– buying super cute, super cheap, designer wear to complete our ‘Florida Winter Wardrobe.’Right now, LF Stores, located in Mizner Park is the place to be. Typically, all items in this store go anywhere from $100 – $800—not so good for the pockets of a college student. But this week, fear no more, everything is marked down 80 percent or more! Those $250 jeans you wanted last month… $48 dollars. And, that adorable Heather Shrake belt (a favorite of singer Rihanna) $18, down from $75! Plus many, many other adorable shirts and skirts, now $14- $28—some with an original price tag of a whopping $178!

Buy of the week:  This sophisticated, cropped satin-looking jacket is perfect to pair with jeans or dress up with a vintage dress. Originally $256, now $38.

Feb 10

Shrake Clutch

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PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Jelly Charm Bracelets

All things jelly are totally hot this summer. Jelly shoes have made a complete comeback (or, they’re just coming around for the first time, depending on when you were born) this season — just ask Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors. And, depending on who you ask, jelly bracelets never really went of style — see: Avril or My Chemical Romance. Couple that with the recent resurgence of charm necklaces and nautical themes, and the bracelets featured above are a trendhound’s supreme dream. They’re by L.A. writer-designer Heather Shrake, who designs jewelry and made-to-order hats under the label Shrake Culture. Her stuff has attracted Rihanna, Blu Cantrel and Syrus from The Gauntlet 2.

We’re totally ready for this jelly. We love the more feminine take on the standard jelly, and we really love that they’re just $6 each at celeb-fave boutique LF. Don’t live near one? Pick some up online.

May 04